Exploring Coligny Beach by Bicycle

Nuzzled in the popular Hilton Head area of South Carolina, Coligny Beach is a popular destination for visitors during vacation. This beach access point comes along with all the regular beach amenities including changing rooms, restrooms, and outdoor showers. Just off the beach are plenty of restaurants and shops you can stop to relax with your family. From the Coligny Plaza, you have many directions to go on the bike trails if you’re interested in more exploration of the island.

The Sea Pines bike trails are one of the most popularly traveled paths on Hilton Head. If you don’t feel like lugging your personal bike to the great state of South Carolina, then you can always grab a local rental bike to enjoy your journey. There are tons of paved trails that go all around the Coligny Beach and Plaza area that you can enjoy. And, let’s not forget that there are over 14 miles of beautiful shoreline where you can enjoy a nice bicycle ride next to the ocean.

Benefits Of Renting A Beach Bike

When it comes to your beach vacation, you may have not considered biking. Most people only think of the beach and other sites around Hilton Head. However, you really should consider the many benefits that you can gain from the bike rentals Sea Pines has to offer while on your vacation.

Enrich Your Mind and Body

Having your body physically moving can give your mind some much-needed relief from any stress in your life. When you bike Hilton Head, you get to enrich your body with some great physical exercise and relax your mind as you peddle along the beautiful beaches. Taking a casual stroll on a bicycle amongst dazzling scenery can be a great way to not only ease your mind of stress but also bond with your loved ones and enjoy the time you have together. 

Enjoy Family Time

One very cool benefit of biking on vacation is that it allows you to spend time with your family doing something different. Biking is an activity that allows you to bring along as many people as you want. Whether you have a small family of 4 or are bringing the entire family of 20, you can enjoy the activity of biking together. Biking is a great way for you to create some memories while giving everyone something fun to do and is a great way to ensure you stay actively engaged during your vacation.

Affordable Exploration Option

There’s no denying the fact that there are many ways to enjoy some new experiences at the beach. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to do all the activities that are offered. However, biking is a great way to explore the beaches and adjoining trails on a budget. Rental bikes are affordable and can be a great way to spend a good portion of your day. Even if you have toddlers, we offer Kiddy Karts that you can use to safely connect to your bikes.

Bike Trails In Hilton Head

Apart from visiting Coligny Beach, there are many other locations that you can explore. With over 14 miles of beaches and 60 miles of paved trails, you have a lot of options. However, some trails are must-dos for you and the family during your beach vacation in the Hilton Head area.

Sea Pines Community Trails

While this is a private community, it’s worth considering staying here just for the bike trails alone. Sea Pines offers over 15 miles of paved bike trails for you to explore which means you can park your car and not have to use it again until you leave to go back home. The trails showcase a great number of protected wildlife along boardwalks, docks, and trails. If you have already booked your vacation and are staying outside of the plantation, you can purchase a day pass to enjoy these beautiful bike paths.

Palmetto Dunes Community Trails

This is also a resort with bike trails that make it easy to get around. There are about five full miles of paved pathways for you and the family to discover. These trails offer a lot of shade from the many oak trees that border the trail. If you are more interested in biking along the beach, Palmetto Dunes offers about three miles of sandy beaches that you can enjoy riding on. This section of trails easily connects with many of the public pathways that you can ride along.

Shelter Cove Community Trails

If you want to enjoy a bike ride that has a few stops along the way, then Shelter Cove is a great option. Many different boutique shops and restaurants can be found along the trails. You can enjoy the park atmosphere and outdoor events that this community hosts throughout the year.

Taking some time to explore the Coligny Beach Park and surrounding Hilton Head areas on a bike is a must-do. There are tons of trails to explore that offer everything from beautiful beach views to shopping locations. If you’re looking for something new to do this year on your beach vacation, then consider renting bicycles and hitting the paved or sandy trails. You may be surprised at just how much fun you end up having and how much you enjoy the peaceful workout to keep your body in shape while on vacation.