Frequently Asked Questions

Bike Ride in BeachAm I allowed to ride my bike into Sea Pines Plantation?

You are only able to ride bikes in Sea Pines if you are a guest of Sea Pines. If you are staying outside the gate of Sea Pines and you are renting bikes from us please call and ask about the Pelican Perk.

What are the bicycle rules on the island?

Cars have the right away in plantations. Ride on the bike paths do not ride on the roads that have bike paths adjacent to them. Please stay on the paths and off the roads. Bike path maps are available.

Do we have to wear bike helmets?

South Carolina doesn’t have a helmet law. We highly recommend the use of helmets. We do have helmets available for adults and children for rental. Please let us know how many helmets and sizes you will need when placing your reservation online or over the phone.

What are the size limits for the child seat?

The Pediatric Association recommendation is 1 year and up and should be able to support a light weight helmet. The weight limit is 35 pounds.

What is a tag-a-long?

A tag-a-long is an attachment that is attached to an adult bike. It is recommended for a children ages 5-8 and up to 75 pounds. They do not have to pedal but they will need to be able to hold on to the handle bars without being afraid. This is rented separately.

What is a kiddie kart?

A kiddie kart can be attached to an adult bike, it can hold 2 children up to 75 pounds. Children must be AT LEAST 18 MONTHS OLD to ride in this attachment. Beach equipment IS NOT ALLOWED in kiddie karts. Call for beach kart availability.

Do I need to be present to receive the bikes?

No, you do not need to be present to receive the bikes. We will deliver and pickup bikes at your vacation address you provide. No one needs to be there for the delivery or pickup. We will email you the bike numbers and lock codes to the number you provided. If you have not received the information by 4:00 pm please give us a call at 843-785-5470.

What do I do upon departure?

Please make sure your bikes are locked and in the same place that we left them. They also need to be free of as much sand as possible. Salt water can damage a bike so please do not ride in the ocean. All kiddie karts need to free of trash… paper, cans, water bottles, candy, and food products. Extra fees apply if left dirty and destroyed.

What if I have a question or an issue with my bike that I rented?

Please call immediately, we will gladly repair or exchange your equipment ASAP. Our number is on our bikes in several different places. Please DO NOT TEXT us with repair issues. You must speak to someone over the phone. You can also place our number in your phone for your convenience. 843-785-5470

What happens if my bike stolen?

Please keep your bikes locked when not in use, if any bike or accessories lost or stolen there are fees that apply. The fees apply as follows: $275.00 stolen bike, $10 stolen lock and $5 stolen basket

What size does my child need?

Please review the bike size chart below for sizing details. This is not etched in stone, please call with questions 843-785-5470. You can also look at your child’s wheel size for sizing.

5-6 Years Old | 3 1/2′ – 4′ | 16 Inch Wheel Size
6-9 Years Old | 4′ – 4 1/2′ | 20 Inch Wheel Size
Youth | 4 1/2′ – 5′ | 24 Inch Wheel Size
Adult | 5′ and up | 26 Inch Wheel Size