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To help you enjoy your stay on Hilton Head Island, we’d like to provide you with some useful details about the area. If you are interested in riding a bicycle around Sea Pines or other communities and complexes in the area, you may find this article very useful. It contains helpful notes about bike rentals, bicycle safety, and other important bicycle-related information. Enjoy the trails and stay safe while cycling around Sea Pines and other parts of Hilton Head!

Bike Trail Safety

Before you order beach bike rentals, take some time to go over the general bicycle safety rules. If you are an avid cyclist, or if you are a casual bike rider, you will be familiar with most of these reminders. However, it is wise to take time to review this safety information and pass it along to the other members of your party. Going over bicycle safety procedures is essential if you are riding with young cyclists who may not have much experience bicycling on public paths.

Bike safety begins with always wearing a helmet. Stay on the right side of the paths while you ride around Sea Pines or other parts of the island. If you are going to pass another cyclist from behind, be sure to alert them of your intentions. Riding a bike on a golf cart path is not permitted in Sea Pines. Bicyclists should always remain on bicycle paths when provided. Riding a bicycle at night is dangerous and prohibited in Sea Pines.

Trail Guidelines

After you receive your bike rental, you might be eager to start pedaling around Sea Pines. However, reading through these guidelines of trail conduct will help you and your party stay safe on your fun adventure. Riding a bicycle is a lot like driving a vehicle; if you know the rules of the road, you will likely get there safely and more efficiently.

While your party explores Sea Pines, be sure to follow posted signs. You must stop at all stop signs you encounter on the bike path. Pedestrians and cyclists often have the right of way while using bike paths, yet this is not a rule for the entire island. Please check for traffic at each intersection before crossing it. Cyclists will encounter many stop signs along the trails on Sea Pines, which should be a major consideration for any groups of cyclists who are traveling together. Please be sure to keep your family and friends safe as you make your way around the island.

Where to Rent Your Bike

If you are looking for an adventure on the bike trails of Sea Pines, you should make a stop at Peddling Pelican Cruiser. The bike shop is located near the Plantation Station Convenience Store, and it is also close to Giusseppi’s Pizza and Truffles at the Sea Pines Center. Both of these places love to cater to hungry cyclists. Peddling Pelican Cruisers is every cyclist’s source for bicycle rentals on Hilton Head.

There are so many places to go and so many sights to see while riding around the island. One place that is popular among tourists is Harbor Town. After renting your bike from Pelican Cruisers, it only takes 10 minutes to get to this historic town. There you can ride along the coast and see incredible sights like extravagant yachts in the harbor and the Hilton Head lighthouse.

Exploring Sea Pines

Sea Pines offers some of the most tempting and exquisite food options in South Carolina. When you are ready to take a break and enjoy a meal, you should stop by one of our neighboring eateries. Lowcountry Produce Market & Cafe is great if you are in the mood for fresh food and will not disappoint. They now serve dinner, and have approved “bring your own wine” policies for patrons who are making special dinner plans. There are other delightful places to experience in Sea Pines, such as C’est Bon for coffee or Truffles to get taste of quality island cuisine. There is the possibility of something exciting at every turn on your bicycle adventure.